there is plenty of time to decide whether adoption is the right choice for you and your child.

Adoption may be the answer if…

  • you are not quite ready to be a parent.

  • you want to finish school before you raise children.

  • you are not in a healthy relationship.

You get to choose your adoption plan:

Open adoption…

  • allows for direction contact between you and your child.

  • you choose the adoptive family.

Partially-Open Adoption

  • receive information about your child through the adoption agency

  • you choose the adoptive family

Confidential Adoption

  • your identity is kept private

  • you choose the adoptive family

You have the right to understand how adoption might affect you. We will help you explore the facts about adoption as you decide if it is a fit for your situation.

We are not an adoption agency. We have an advocate who will talk with you, answer questions, and help you plan for the future.