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“The staff is passionate about everything they do and believe in.”
— Client

“Earn While you learn” program: supporting you from pregnancy to parenting and onward.

Pregnancy and parenting can be complicated. For that matter, life in general can be complicated! We want to help. We have many quick lessons on topics you will love. The videos are fun and we would love to talk with you afterward.

Does it help? Most moms and dads want to raise a healthy, happy child. But getting reliable information that is fun to learn isn’t always easy. Our center can help you with practical classes and the support you need. The advice and information in the BrightCourse lessons will help you grow as a parent and as a person. And when you learn, and apply the lessons, you will be the best parent you can be!

What can I learn? Our BrightCourse lessons cover many different subjects from pregnancy to birth to infant to toddlers to parenting to life-skills to fatherhood and more. When you have a question, well, there is probably a lesson for that! In fact, here is a summary of the classes we offer:

  • prenatal

  • labor & more

  • infancy

  • infancy/first year

  • toddler

  • parenting

  • life skills

  • sexual health

  • fatherhood

  • post abortion healing

  • pregnancy loss

  • relationship loss

  • healing from abuse

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