Charity House 2016

Completed June 5, 2016

Completed June 5, 2016


In 2016, the Women’s Resource Center was the recipient of an incredibly generous donation from Trinity Homes LLC (along with many other generous contributors) who made the completion of the Life House Charity Home possible. The proceeds from this home gave the WRC a jump start towards funding the purchase of a new larger, better-suited facility for day to day operation. Here is a letter from Trinity Homes owner Bill Graham concerning the 2016 Charity House:

“My family was built through unusual circumstances. Adoption has been a central theme in my family as I am an adopted son and brother as well as an adoptive dad. The circumstances of some of the births in my family were challenging to say the least. Some, including mine, unknown. But what is shared in all of them is a decision by a mother-to-be in an unplanned or potentially crisis situation to give life to her unborn child.

“When God gave me the desire and opportunity to own a construction company, I believe he did so with a purpose, to bring honor and glory to Him and to serve my community through it. From the beginning, Trinity Homes has been about much more than income. It is a ministry. I pray daily that He reminds me of why He entrusted this company to me for however long He allows me to have it. One of the ways He has answered that prayer is by leading us to build a “charity” house. The idea was to build a house with as many contributions and donations as possible, sell it on the open market, and give every penny of the profit away. I think before He ever gave me the idea, He named the recipient: The Women’s Resource Center, a ministry of Sav-A-Life of Limestone County, whose sole purpose is the encouragement and edification of life both physically and spiritually. It is not a political organization geared toward enacting pro-life legislation; rather a small army of volunteers who love the Lord, love life as He does, and want to see others experience the joy of it through God-honoring choices.

“The vision for this house has been to raise money that will serve as the foundation for capital needed to build, buy, or lease the Center a new home. The Center has resided in the same building for well over a decade now. We are grateful for a gracious landlord and the space he has provided, but the Center needs space more suited in size and arrangement to the functions it performs on a daily basis. It is my prayer that the money raised through the house will set the stage for helping the Center achieve that goal.

“When we started this project, I had no expectations on who would catch the vision or join us in doing this. I certainly shared our vision with my suppliers and subs, but made no demands on their participation and was careful to tell them that any contribution would have no negative impact on our working relationship. I really didn’t know what would happen. I should have known God would show up in a big way, and did He ever. I have been overwhelmed at how many caught the vision and have gladly joined in this effort, thankful for an opportunity to give back in some way.

“[Below] is a list of contributors. Because of their gracious generosity, upon the sale of this home, we will be able to give the WRC a gift that exceeds even my wildest imagination and I am so thankful for them all. God quickly brought a buyer and the house is currently under contract.”

– Bill Graham, Trinity Homes LLC (June 2016)

Life House 2016 Contributors:

  • CME Brick & Tile

  • Alabama Fireplace

  • AthensGlass Service

  • Baine Services

  • Bama Concrete

  • Bank Independent

  • Bob Wallace Appliance

  • Canebrake Realty (Teresa Tester)

  • Cody Shipple

  • Cox Interiors

  • F5 Solutions

  • Gobble Fite Lumber

  • Grayson Bailey Landscaping

  • Hamlin Homes

  • Inline Lighting and Electric

  • Jerry Kyle Concrete

  • Lopez Masonry

  • Lowes Home Improvement Store

  • Macky Tucker HVAC

  • Madison Flooring & Paint

  • MEWS

  • Michael McCafferty Drywall

  • Mike Adams Framing

  • Overhead Door

  • Persell Lumber & Mill Shop

  • R&B Insultation

  • REW Materials

  • S&H Cabinets

  • Scott Locke Construction

  • Sherwin Williams

  • Stacy Wallace Painting

  • Surface World

  • Tammy Phipps Interiors

  • The Lucky Peacock

  • Tom Forse

  • Trinity Homes

Ground Breaking! December 9, 2015

Ground Breaking! December 9, 2015